Flame-Fluids-Energy Lab

Saha Research Group

Open Positions

The Saha Research Group always welcomes inquiries from new prospective undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral researchers. Please feel free to email Prof. Saha for current openings, and include a copy of your CV (or resume for undergraduate researchers) with your email.

Graduate Students

The Saha Research Group in the MAE Dept. of the University of California, San Diego is always looking to recruit graduate students (who intend to pursue a PhD). There are several research topics available in the areas of flame-dynamics and droplet-dynamics. Some of the possible research topics are:

  1. Statistics and dynamics of turbulent premixed flames
  2. Propagation and acceleration of cellular flames
  3. Drop impact on substrates
  4. Dynamics of drop-drop and jet-jet collision

Interested candidates who are completing (or have completed) Bachelors or Masters Degrees in Mechanical Eng./Aerospace Eng. or related areas, please send a copy of your CV to Prof. Saha at asaha@eng.ucsd.edu. The candidates must have a keen interest in pursuing research in the thermo-fluids science and should have a good grasp of the fundamental courses.

Priorities will be given to the students with own funding (or who are actively applying for external fellowships). Prospective students who are applying for outside funding should make sure to note this information in their email when they contact Prof. Saha with their CV.

Projects for Masters students are also available in connection to these, and other research topics on a for-credit basis.