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Term: WI 2020, FA 2020, FA 2021

Course Description

Fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics: energy, work, heat, properties of pure substances, first and second laws for closed systems and control volumes, gas mixtures. Application to engineering systems, power and refrigeration cycles, combustion. 

 See also MAE Standard Course Syllabus and Course Objectives.

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Term: SP 2019, SP 2020, WI 2021, WI 2022 

Thermodynamic analysis of power cycles with application to combustion driven engines: Gas turbine engines. Thermodynamics of mixtures. Chemical and phase equilibrium. Computational methods for calculating chemical equilibrium. Reacting mixtures and combustion. Thermodynamic relations.  Psychrometric applications and air conditioning. Exergy analysis and exergetic efficiency. Advanced thermodynamic cycles for power generation. Thermodynamics for multiphase system. Introduction to statistical thermodynamics. 

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Term: WI 2019, SP 2020, SP 2021, SP2022, SP2023

Course Description: Multiphase flows are ubiquitous in many natural processes (e.g., cloud formation, raindrops) and industrial applications (e.g., boilers, sprays in rocket engines, gas turbines, inkjet printing). It is also critical in assessing the spread rate of respiratory droplet-borne diseases like Covid-19. This course is designed to offer insights and fundamentals of such multiphase systems. The first part of the course will introduce the basics of thermodynamics and transport processes in generalized multiphase systems and descriptions of interfacial transport mechanisms. Subsequently, in the second part, we will focus on the analyses of transport processes in specific systems. Some of the examples of such systems are evaporation and transport processes in droplets, bubbles, boiling, sprays, etc. We will also discuss the pathways of transmission of diseases through respiratory droplets. 

The course is intended to benefit students interested in academic research or industrial applications involving multiphase flows. The materials covered in the course are applicable in gas turbines, aero-propulsion, solar energy, micro-nano scale engineering, materials processing, biological transport, etc.

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